DataNZ is confident that it offers a first-rate service and is the best on price, quality and turnaround time. Whilst we do not like blowing our own trumpet, we do like it when others do! So we've gathered together some of the prestigious projects and our customer comments here:

Digitising scientific books - Flora & Fauna of New Zealand series:

As part of the project to make the printed versions of these books available to the public via the Internet, DataNZ provided the service of scanning and double keying the text to word format that were later converted to XML by Landcare Research. Please see: and

"We at Landcare Research are highly impressed with the work of DataNZ. Their quality, turnaround and price are excellent. We gladly endorse their services to anyone." Greg Comfort, Manager, Manaaki Whenua (Landcare Research) Press, Lincoln.

Digitising of the Journal of the Polynesian Society:

DataNZ scanned and converted over 100 volumes of this Journal to XML based on the TEI mark up specification provided by the University of Auckland Library. This was a project to enable electronic full-text searchable free access to the Journal.

“Your people doing the mark up do a great job with pretty difficult material” John Laurie, Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Auckland.

Web-enabling the Fletcher Index of Māori names for the Waikato University Library:

The scanning of the microfilms, double-keying to word format and final conversion to HTML after editing by University staff & students, were carried out by DataNZ. Please see:

"DataNZ have been very helpful in realising this major new online resource for the Library. The service we received was excellent and we are very happy with their work." Kathryn Parsons, New Zealand Collection Librarian, University of Waikato Library.

Conversion of Hawaiian and English language resources for DL Consulting Limited, New Zealand.

The resources included a historic Hawaiian bible, several Hawaiian/English dictionaries, and a number of Hawaiian and English language books. Scanning of original documents and conversion to HTML and PDF were carried out by DataNZ. The completed work now makes up part of Ulukau, the Hawaiian Electronic Library.

"The service we've received from DataNZ has been first rate and we'd recommend them to anyone undertaking any digitization project, large or small. Their quality, price, and customer service have been excellent in all our dealings with them." Stefan Boddie, Manager, DL Consulting Ltd.

Data capture of clinical trial forms.

Data capture of the POKEM clinical trial forms for the Queensland Emergency Medicine Research Foundation Grant Researcher for developing a prototype eHealth application to support clinical risk management and sustainable health services.

"The quality of the work is very high, I would like to thank you and am willing to give a recommendation for future clients, I found that you were very responsive to my feedback and willing to go above and beyond to improve the quality of your work: You were open and flexible to communicate with me to continue to improve the results. Specifically, I've noticed that you have, when I noticed that the handwritten medication names cause me a lot of quality assurance work, improved the quality by ensuring that these medicines are spelled correctly in your OCR results. You have also suggested additional data capture fields based on the nature of any handwritten responses in or around form fields that led to confusion or errors, thus increasing the quality of the work exponentially. I look forward to continued work with you and will include an analysis of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of using your services in an academic publication." Lisa New, Clinical Decision Support Tool Developer, Brisbane, Australia.

We take great pride in our work and would be delighted to show you more examples of our work upon request. Please email us at for any clarifications or for more examples of contracts executed and references.


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