At DataNZ, we process a variety of forms like competition entries, survey forms, questionnaires, applications, warranty cards, insurance, accounts and legal forms.

Many types of handwritten forms do not easily lend themselves to automatic capture using ICR / OCR tools. We process such forms using ImageXP, our own forms processing software.

We offer the following services:

  • Forms Design
  • Document Preparation
  • Forms Scanning
  • Forms Data Capture

Data capture can be from images or paper forms. We use a double key process to ensure high accuracy output. We understand that your data is useless if incorrect and so we ensure that our forms processed data is highly accurate. We create validation tools based on a set of rules, like postal codes and address validation. We have the software and current address databases to validate street addresses and post codes for most countries.

If you are able to scan and upload the images to a secure cloud server like Dropbox or Google Drive, we can usually download, process and deliver the database to you within 24 hours. Outputs are normally delivered in MS Excel or any database of your choice.

Backed by professional management, an efficient team of over 600 data conversion specialists and best business practices, DataNZ has a solid track record of delivering value added digitising services. Over the years, we have grown consistently and carved a niche for ourselves as a high quality, most cost effective data capture service for any business that has to deal with forms.

Please contact us at with any questions, or send us a sample of your forms processing or data capture requirements for a free, no-obligation sample and quote.  We are happy to provide recent examples of contracts / work executed and testimonials.


Fast, reliable & affordable services.