Our Geospatial division provides cost effective services to some of the leading Mapping Agencies, Government organizations, utilities and other public and private sector companies throughout the world.   

GIS Maps Services  

We undertake high volume geospatial 2D/3D data conversion projects and have successfully executed mapping projects from wide ranging sources (including ortho-photos, satellite images, aerial photographs, and other legacy inputs) and delivered in multiple GIS formats. The range of services offered include:

Ortho/Satellite imagery/Legacy sources

  • Cadastral Mapping
  • Land base mapping – Small, Medium and Large Scale
  • Rail / Road Corridor mapping        
  • City maps 
  • Forestry / Agriculture mapping
  • Positional Accuracy Improvement of Map features

Photogrammetry services 

We offer services across the entire spectrum of photogrammetry at very competitive rates and fast turnaround times:

  • Aerial Triangulation  
  • Digital Terrain Modelling/Digital Surface Modelling
  • Contour Generation
  • Planimetric mapping
  • 3D City modelling / Facade-roof texturing
  • Satellite Image Interpretation and mapping
  • Lidar Processing
  • Laser scan data processing

Image Processing Services 

We provide a range of image processing services including ortho-rectification, mosaicing, colour balancing, geo-referencing / geo-rectification of all types of high resolution imagery (aerial and satellite). Our services include:

  • Orthophoto Creation
  • Image enhancement
  • Geo-referencing / Geo-rectification
  • Clutter data collation

Utility Mapping 

We are well experienced in utility mapping services and have expertise in ESRI, ArcFM, ArcFM UT, PARIS, Bentley and GE Smallworld technologies. The range of services offered include:

  • Data Capture
  • Positional Accuracy Improvement
  • Data Maintenance

Please contact us at info@datanz.com with any questions, or send us a sample of your requirements for a free, no-obligation sample and quote.  We are happy to provide recent examples of contracts / work executed and testimonials.


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