We have developed an innovative SaaS based eBook business solution for publishers called Lektz. It includes a white-labelled custom-branded eBook store with e-commerce, readers supporting PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 on all platforms, an eBook DRM technology without revenue sharing, and consumer and sales analytics.

With Lektz, you can:

  • Set up your own white-labelled custom-branded eBook store
  • No setup or development cost & No hardware/software to install or maintain
  • Upload your eBooks and start selling them instantly
  • Track the analytics of your customers and your eBooks
  • Encrypt and protect your eBooks through our Lektz DRM
  • Get Lektz readers for your consumers to access any non DRM eBooks and Lektz DRM enabled eBooks

  Lektz Reader

Lektz eBook readers are currently available for Android, iOS and Web browsers which support PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 format of ebooks. With Lektz readers, you can access and play audio, video, interactivities and animations enabled ebooks. It also supports ebooks with right to left text (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.,) and vertical text (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.,) languages. Lektz readers can be white branded for publishers.

  Lektz eBook DRM

Lektz DRM is our proprietary eBook DRM technology. Lektz DRM helps protect eBooks from being copied and transmitted without appropriate rights and permissions. Lektz eBook DRM technology is a closed system which is implemented by protecting the eBooks with an encoded secured tag and the system software, which also acts as an eBook reader. To secure the eBooks, all the eBooks that are sold via publisher’s website are embedded with a security mechanism, and will only be permitted to open using eBook reader software.

  • Powerful DRM protection capability without any revenue sharing
  • Publisher can control the access of eBooks to a specific number of devices
  • Cloud sync for consumers to access their eBooks across multiple devices

  Lektz Analytics

With Lektz, you can serve your customers better and enhance your business by knowing their profiles, purchase trends, reading interests & habits, demographics with customised reports. You can also get analytics based on your eBooks like sales details, buyer demographics, categories, volumes etc.

  • Know who your consumers are and their demographic information
  • Capture your consumers' insights - interests and purchasing trends
  • Track, monitor and manage your eBook sales

Lektz is also complemented with our customised eBook conversion services.

For a fully customised eBook business solution to host on your own servers, please contact us at info@datanz.com


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