DataNZ provides editorial services in the form of pre-editing, language and subject editing, abstracting and indexing. Our editorial team possesses skills and specialisations in various domains such as:

  • Academics
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and social science
  • Finance and trade
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business communications

Proofreading Service

Copy editing is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of text. The "five Cs" are to make the copy clear, correct, concise, complete and consistent.

Copy editing also involves:

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Preserve consistency in copy style and figures
  • Maintaining legends and references
  • Checking for completeness of the manuscript
  • Ensuring flow of text

Technical editors with scientific/technical/medical subject expertise are assigned to check that the specifications, page layouts, typefaces, tables, equations and figure placements are maintained according to defined project requirements.

Our SMEs, language experts, book editors, academic editors and dissertation editors are adept at journal editing, article editing, newsletter editing, eBook editing, medical text editing, scientific editing, technical editing, scholarly journal editing and website copy editing.

The primary goal of 'proofing' is to serve as a tool for customer verification that the entire job is accurate. Proofing includes correction of indisputable errors, such as misspellings, typographical errors, mis-numbering or mislabeling, subject/verb disagreement, errors in word usage (such as the use of further for farther), and incorrect or outdated cross-references.

Please contact us at with any questions, or send us a sample of your requirements for a free, no-obligation sample and quote.  We are happy to provide recent examples of contracts / work executed and testimonials.  


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