DataNZ uses high-speed, sophisticated image-processing equipment and software to scan a wide variety of document types. Our fast and high quality service is offered at some of the lowest prices you will find. The paper documents are scanned at our New Zealand facility and the images indexed and delivered in any format (FTP, USB Disk, DVD or Cloud services) for on-demand retrieval. 

Scanning solutions include document scanning with colour correction, image manipulation and line art scanning. All scanning practices are strictly in accordance with BIP0008 - Code of Practice on legal admissibility of electronic documents and evidential weight of information, as well as ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems). Our expertise also includes post-scanning image enhancement processes, such as cropping, deskew, despeckle, lighting correction, histogram adjustment, filter, book curvature correction and more.

We have multilingual optical character recognition capability and can clean up the OCR to 99.999% accuracy and convert to full searchable text format (XML/SGML/HTML) or text searchable PDF format. 

Please contact us at with any questions, or send us a sample of your scanning requirements for a free, no-obligation sample and quote.  We are happy to provide recent examples of contracts / work executed and testimonials.


Fast, reliable & affordable services.