Though digitisation of assets provides businesses with multiple benefits with respect to data management, one of the greatest challenges for content communities is to protect their intellectual property rights. Unauthorised exploitation of traditional book content is limited due to the physicality of the material. However, today we see several instances of breaches of copyright law due to the ease with which eBooks can be copied and transmitted, most commonly through piracy.

To meet this challenge, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is used as the primary mechanism to protect eBooks from being copied and transmitted without appropriate rights and permissions. To protect eBooks from piracy and disallow copyright infringements, DRM embeds encrypted code within eBooks that prevents their copying, and specifies a time period in which the content can be accessed or limits the number of devices the content can be installed on.

Most of the DRM solutions available in the market are complex to implement, use and are overpriced. DataNZ understands the publishing industry and its demand for an effective and foolproof DRM solution that can be easily implemented. To address this need, we have developed a DRM solution with an encrypted mechanism that locks the content and limits its distribution to only authorized users and systems, which is affordable to even small and medium publishers.

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