Rapidly changing and increasing demands of the global economy make it challenging for educational institutions to meet the expectations of all educational stakeholders. The new and growing demands urge educators to focus and be more vigilant in administration, thus limiting the time spent on academic activities. To help educators spend more time on academic activities without overlooking management duties, more are adopting technological solutions and approaches.

DataNZ specialises in devising technology-enabled solutions for educational institutions that help them manage their academic and administrative activities more effectively. Our education campus management systems are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of each institution.

Some of the primary objectives of the system that we develop for educational institutions include the following areas:

  • Integrate and automation of academic and administrative functions
  • Provision of secure and easy access of data remotely
  • Prevention of redundancy of data and duplication of work
  • Engagement of educational stakeholders
  • Enhancement of academic experience
  • Improvement of overall efficiency and productivity of the institution

Please contact us at info@datanz.com with any questions, or send us details of your requirements for a free, no-obligation sample and quote.  We are happy to provide recent examples of contracts / work executed and testimonials.  


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